Welcome to keshtour , our services is on excursions in and out of the Kéköldi Indian reservation , which is located in Limon. A canton of Talamanca Limón province known for its diversity of cultures and untamed and wild mountains besides having different sites for tourism visitors definitely will find adventure and fun . A little about Kéköldi : Kéköldi is a small indigenous territory located on the southern Caribbean from Costa Rica in the canton of Talamanca covers about 5500 hectares and this Bribri population belongs to the ethnic group and its language is the Bribri Bribri are one of the few tribes in Costa Rica retaining language traditions and customs; Kéköldi is dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity and preservation of Bribri culture , one of the most important accomplishments is that for 26 years has been dedicated to the rescue of the green Iguana and is known as one of the 3 most important for observing and monitoring raptor migration from north America to South America locations. The wide variety of biodiversity in birds , amphibians , reptiles , trees, plants and thus the culture and traditions of an Indian tribe makes it exquisite and diverse.